Invitation to Harare’s Zimbabwe Writers Association (ZWA) meeting: September 1, 2012

ZWA is inviting you to its Harare members meeting to be held at the British Council, 16 Cork Road, Belgravia (opposite the South African Embassy) on Saturday September 1, 2012 from 12:00 to 4:30pm.
As requested in the last meeting by some of you, this time the discussion topic is ‘How To Make Money and a Livelihood Through Writing.’ Freelance artists; STEPHEN CHIFUNYISE, ALBERT NYATHI and VIRGINIA JEKANYIKA will be talking about how to earn a living from one’s art.
Those who were not at the last meeting are reminded to bring $10 membership fees. Remember: the major objective of ZWA is to bring together all willing individual writers of Zimbabwe in order to encourage creative writing, reading and publishing in all forms possible, conduct workshops, and provide for literary discussions.
Zimbabwe Writers Association (ZWA) is the newest nationally inclusive writers Organization whose formation started in July 2010 leading to the AGM of June 4, 2011. It was fully registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe in January 2011. Zimbabwean writers have taken the initiative to coordinate themselves to form an organisation to represent them and defend their interests. The birth of ZWA was a culmination of self initiated efforts and activities taken by writers of diverse backgrounds with the vision of developing into a strong and dynamic umbrella organisation for writers in Zimbabwe.

Tinashe Muchuri, ZWA Secretary
               ZWA’s By-line: A WHOLE WORLD IN A WORD
 0733 843 455/


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