Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Last Call for artists: Tribute to Julius Chingono (Mudhara Judza)

The Embassy of Spain would like to organise an homage to the late Mr. Julius Chingono, on the first anniversary of this death last January 2nd 2010.
Family, friends and associates are invited to gather together to pay tribute to the talent of one of Zimbabwe’s funniest and yet most serious poets and champion of the poor and the marginalised.

The Embassy welcomes all ideas for and contributions towards this event to be given altruistically in his honour from those who knew him.
In order to participate with a literary or poetic work for inclusion in the programme, we would appreciate creations of not more than 20 lines. 

All artform are welcome (songs music, paintings, poetry, etc)

The Embassy will select the most creative and emotive contributions to be performed on the night. 

Please send your ideas by email to Ms Marina GarcĂ­a, before the 20th of January 2012.

Lost touch

Some say,
go to the slums
where people scavenge
for scrap to survive.

Others say,
you have to be observant
you may not notice her
with her deformed face
cut by the violence
at the dump site.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Monday, 16 January 2012

Wet Dreams

Reading in my library
that Wednesday morning
a message came through a friend
I found her already in bed
she took me by surprise
in a moment
my pant was done
afterwards, I discovered
it was not a dream
but I was still a virgin

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


seri kwezvitoro
seri kwedzimba

Tinashe Muchuri 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

Dai Usiriwe Zvako

Dai usiriwe zvako wakapisa sora
Dai usiriwe zvako wakatema miti
Dai usiriwe zvako wakaregera ndove yavanhu
Ichipinda mumatsime edu
Dai usiriwe zvako wokuedzera zvombo zvine muchetura
Dai usiriwe zvako unoteurira mafuta edzimotokari
Akamboshanda munyanza
Dai usiriwe zvako unoshandisa zvombo zvine muchetura
Dai usiriwe
Iyewe iwe
Iwe muparanzongo
Mvura ine dutu
Iyoyi iyi inoyeredza madhaka
Neiya inoputsa makomo
Kana nzizi dzisingachengeti mvura
Namakore ezhara
Kana zuva rinopisa richitora upenyu

Tinashe Muchuri  2008

Friday, 6 January 2012

Mudara raTinashe Muchuri

It is this first step
that for long time
i have been hoping to find
now the journey has started
meet you in the journey to a destiny
that I sweat for with you together

Mwana wen'ombe anonzi mhuru.

Mhou yandaona kuTarget Kogje kuMasvingo. Ava ndivo mai vemhuru. Mhuru dzemhou dzandaona kuMasvingo. Ava ndivo vana vemhou idzo dzanda...