Naked thoughts!

In the beginning human beings walked naked but could not think about their nakedness. They became aware of their nakedness after they accepted the snake's advice and sinned against God. Here they discovered how shameful it was for them to remain naked. They covered their shame with tree leaves. For a while they did not see how improperly covered they were. After continuing lusting for the fruit they ate at the instruction of the snake, they saw how half naked they were in their tree leaves. They thought of covering their half naked bodies in animal skin. But human beings never stopped drifting from their God. They continue seeing themselves more naked and covered their further shame in cloth. They wrapped their entire bodies in cloth leaving only their faces hands and feet. But sin did not leave them. They continued living in the shame of their fathers, and discovered it is not covering their bodies that matters. It is actually living in Jesus Christ that matters. They turned to God through Jesus. The snake found itself losing more and more followers and hatched a plan. He mad human beings think it is now good to be naked before man and to pretend to be a follower of God through Jesus Christ. He instructed human beings instead to empty their hearts to God, to parade naked before each other hiding in the sense that when we came to earth we were naked so there is nothing about the nakedness of the body, but the nakedness of your soul and spirit. And now, even mother parade their naked bodies before their sons. Daughters too parade their naked bodies before their fathers and brothers. Sons have also joined in the nakedness. In the past, a mere glimpse of a woman's naval was obscene but today its no longer so. It is in fact regarded as nectar is regarded by bees. What of the issue of seeing your brothers, sisters, mothers and any other person's pent, sacred as it was in the past, today it is no longer the same. Human beings are now used in their nakedness. And nakedness is now the cloth. Human beings no longer feel their bodies naked. Their nakedness is their cloth. Maybe they wait for another call from God, 'Where are you my people,' so they could begin to cloth themselves again.


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