Golden Baobab 2012- Call for Submissions

The 2012 Call for Submissions for the Golden Baobab Prize
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Golden Baobab 2012- Call for Submissions


Dear Writer and Friend,

I am excited to announce the ongoing Golden Baobab Prize 2012. As you may know, The Golden Baobab Prize is an African literary award that annually invites entries of unpublished African stories written by African authors - of all ages - for a reader audience of ages 8 to11 years or 12 to 15 years. I wish to personally invite you to submit entries for this year's prize.

The Golden Baobab Prize will award $1,000 to the best story in each category (junior or senior) and $800 to the most promising young writer (18 years and below). Beyond that, the Golden Baobab Prize offers to connect outstanding stories with leading African and international publishers. You may submit a total of 5 stories. Deadline for submission is June 24, 2012.  

Please share news of the prize within your writing networks. You can forward this email, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or share our website -

The goal of the Golden Baobab Prize is to discover and celebrate the most promising African writers of children and young adult stories. It is a great pleasure to send this personal invitation and I hope I can count on your support to make this year’s prize a successful one.

Maureen Atebawone
Golden Baobab Prize Co-ordinator


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