HIFA 2012 Spoken Word

All those who follow my career, let us meet at Hifa on Spoken Word Day 3 and Day 5. On Day 3 I will be the host and on Day 5 I will be doing my thing, sharing with you the very favorite pieces of poetry and those not yet known to you. Don't miss this chance of a life time. Read more from links below


 Poetry fiesta at Hifa

Tinashe Sibanda Entertainment Reporter | 2012-04-04 15:49:00 ... Fungai Machirori, Godobori, Gerald “Synik” Mugwenhi and Tinashe Muchuri, amongst others.


Spoken Word Day 5- Saturday 5 May- Coca-Cola Day | HIFA 2012

Tinashe Muchuri. Barbara Breeze Anderson. Prince Shapiro (South Africa). OneNess Sankara (United Kingdom).


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